Our Privacy Policy

In accordance with PIEPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), Altis Recruitment and its affiliates (Excel ITR, excelHR, Altis Technology Recruitment) (operating as Altis Recruitment) has a Privacy Policy in place to protect the use and disclosure of your personal information. Personal Information is defined as any information about you including: your contact details; employment, salary, education history; information obtained through reference checks; skill testing results; placement performance and interview notes prepared by Altis Recruitment representatives.

Altis Recruitment will obtain your information from you during an interview, from your resume, and during on-going contact with you. Altis Recruitment will store your information in our internal applicant database for the purpose of assisting you in finding employment opportunities, to work with you over time in your career, and then if you commence employment with an Altis Recruitment client, your information will be used and stored for the purpose of payroll.

You consent to the disclosure of your personal information, resume, and any background check results (if applicable) to Altis Recruitment’s clients during the client’s screening process, and to Altis Recruitment’s representatives who provide you with placement services. Your payroll information will not be disclosed to clients.

You further consent to the retention of your personal information by Altis Recruitment for as long as you are using the company’s placement services, and until you close your employment record with Altis Recruitment. You understand that there are safeguards in place to ensure that your personal information will not be inadvertently disclosed or stolen.

In the event that you wish to withdraw your consent to the use, disclosure and retention of your personal information, it is your responsibility to inform Altis Recruitment in writing, at which time you will be informed by Altis Recruitment whether and how such withdrawal will affect the services being provided to you. Payroll information will be retained for seven years as per Canada Revenue Agency requirements.

For access to your personal information, you may contact the Privacy Officer at 102 Bank St, Suite 300, Ottawa, ON K1P 5N4.

Candidate Database

Altis Recruitment has affiliated companies that represent and place candidates within specialty areas:

  • Excel Human Resources and Altis Recruitment work with candidates in administrative roles (eg: Administrative Assistant, Office Clerk, Receptionist, Accounting, etc.).
  • Altis Professional Recruitment works with candidates who have specialized skills (eg: Procurement, Auditing, HR, Policy, ATIP, Communications, Management, etc.).
  • Excel Information Technology Resources and Altis Technology work with candidates within technology roles (eg: Business Analysis, Web Development, Application Development, Project Management, etc.).

If your skills cross-over into other areas, Altis Recruitment will share your your personal information with its affiliated companies to use your information to contact you regarding prospective job opportunities.

You acknowledge and accept that Altis Recruitment can share your employment information (resume, skills, experience) with its affiliated companies for the purpose of helping you locate employment. These companies would contact you directly.